Rick Davenport

​Film Maker, Photographer & Editor


Born in Stockport but raised in Leek, Staffordshire. Rick is absolutely obsessed with all things tech - rarely a time goes by when he doesn't have a camera in his hand!

One of the most easy going people you'll ever meet - Rick is an expert at helping to calm the nerves on your big day with his infectious personality and mad sense of humour!

Beth Clowes

Admin, Advertiser, The Better Half

Beth can often be seen replying to social media posts or chatting to interested brides. She is the organisor and a much needed calming prescence.

She loves a soppy film or a box set, and in the rare down time from looking after the kids, she loves indulging her crafty side.

The best mum in the universe and an even better fiancee to Rick.