About Me
Dad of 2. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Hi, welcome to my website! My name is Rick and I'm the mastermind behind Zenith. 


I'm 30 years young, and I live in a small town called Leek in Staffordshire. I live with my beautiful fiancee Beth, and my two little terrors Blake and Alyssa. Oh and I can't forget about our kitties Mario and Luigi! (awesome names I know).


I'm a dedicated, incredibly hard working professional that loves creating - whether I'm spending hours and hours in the editing room crafting a beautiful wedding film or flying my drone at a property photoshoot - I find the creative process really exciting and nothing beats the feeling of  viewing the finished product.


It all started in 2016 when my lady Beth bought me one of those tiny toy drones for Christmas. I didn't open the box until April, but from that day forth I was hooked. 3 months later in July, I was a fully qualified drone pilot with Permission for Commercial Operations from the CAA, and I had my own business called AirTec Drone Imagery! Throughout the next few months I filmed a wedding, worked with a few estate agents and gradually built up my knowledge of all things business. That's when I started to get itchy feet - AirTec Drone Imagery was a cool name, but it really didn't represent my growing love for all things photo & film.  So after a few months of research and planning, in January 2018 Zenith Visual Media was born.


I'd go as far to say my style of filming is ninja-like. I don't bother anyone, I'm not in anyone's face, I'm just recording the day or night as it happens. I think it's an approach which suits videography perfectly, because it allows me to capture natural footage that a bride might miss on the day for example.

So if you have a project in mind you'd like to run by me, or if you just fancy a chat, drop me a message using the contact form and I'll be back in touch within 24 hours. Oh and by the way, you can find our awesome reviews below this post. 

Much love,

Rick Davenport


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